Do you grind your teeth at night or catch yourself clenching your teeth randomly throughout the day? Or maybe you have constant headaches but have never been able to figure out why? All of this may be tied to your oral health and how your teeth align in your mouth when you bite down. If a patients bite is just slightly off, this can throw their entire mouth out of alignment which can lead to jaw pain, popping & locking jaw, headaches, etc. Dr. Michael Verber has becoming a leading expert in Central Pennsylvania when it comes to TMJ issues and the process of reversing some of these symptoms is called Equilibration.

It’s a very simple process where Dr. Verber analyzes a patients bite and slightly adjusts certain teeth by buffering parts of the tooth surface so that the bite will align correctly. After this process, some patients have experience immediate symptom relief. Check out the equilibration video below that has our own patient testimonials to speak for Dr. Verber’s work. Call our office today at 717.737.4337 to set up an appointment with Dr. Michael Verber.

Equilibration -The Patient Experience from Verber Dental on Vimeo.

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